The monthly Board Meeting is held on the second Thursday of every month at the Community Center, 12550 Pegasus. POA members wishing to formally address the Board must contact the management office.  The Board’s powers include adopting and publishing rules and regulations governing the use of facilities in our neighborhood as well as defining infractions and infraction resolution.

All property owners in Point Aquarius are members of the POA and each property owner is entitled, at the Annual Meeting, to one vote per paid-up assessment.  Board members are elected at large for a three-year term.  The annual meeting of the POA is held on the last Saturday of April each year at a time and place designated in the Notice of Meeting.

The Board’s duties include determining the POA assessment on an annual basis; insure that the common areas are maintained, and assure that a uniform, modern, and clean appearance is maintained throughout the neighborhood by policing member’s compliance with the Deed Restrictions.