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Thanks Neil Patel: How the Marketing Guru (Unintentionally) Invested in My Blo

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That question has gained incredible proportions in recent months in Brazil. Neil Patel, not long ago, was known by those who were already inserted in the world of Digital Marketing, but remained unknown to the general public. However, in recent weeks, that name has landed in the mouths of everyone from the most experienced marketing professional to the most common carousel fan (Brazilian novel). I will explain later. ATTENTION: If you want to know who Neil Patel is , the content you are reading now is not for that. Read our full article explaining who he is . The story about how the Digital Marketing Guru invested a few million realis in the Brazilian market and led us to the highest traffic numbers in the history of the blog blog . Same thing. I'm going to tell you how the “Who's Neil Patel” campaign brought incredible results to our blog, even if it wasn't the intention of the most famous Instagram marketer. In addition to a big history one, I'm going to break it down into several lessons with you. Lessons on content production , SEO , market, in short.

I guarantee that in addition to having fun with everything that happened in this story, you will learn a lot ecuador cell phone numbers list from this article! So, without further ado, let's understand how it happened: How it all started Once upon a time there was a keyword: Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing was not very popular in Brazil about 3 years ago. However, it became the most desired keyword for companies and professionals in the area. Obviously if you have a Digital Marketing blog, you have wanted to be the first in google when someone throws that keyword in the search engine, right? However, that position can only be filled by a blog or site. Happily, that top organic position is currently being held by rockcontent.com/blog in the Portuguese results. Thanks to the magical powers of quality content production and link building . And… it had been a long and peaceful reign, until a great challenger arose. I don't know if they already told you that, but the Google results pages are a real battlefield. If you are in the first place of a contested keyword, you can be sure that everyone is behind you thinking about how to take your place. That's how it works. Let's go back to the challenger. As is known, every war begins when one party declares war on another. The crow came in the form of WhatsApp when Patel sent a friendly message to the Rock team saying that he would steal our first position.

I confess that it was a bit scary to have one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing in the world and a great reference agency for us threatening our positions. Even more so when he quickly climbed the rankings and came in second place (in a very short time) leaving behind incredible blogs like the one at Results Digitalis. In addition to that, it used the same domain that it uses in the United States, that is, it came to the Brazilian market with an absurd domain authority. Our Marketing Manager, Renato Mesquita , even made a gif expressing our feelings at the time: Will Neil Patel surpass them in Digital Marketing? No Really? :'( But we remain firm in the first position and we do not intend to get out of there And that is how the greatest confrontation in the history of Digital Marketing began: Who is Neil Patel? A short time later, the controversial campaign emerged with the hashtag #QuemENeilPatel. We were taken by surprise when we saw several female profiles posting photos considered sexy showing on a license plate or on a cell phone: Who is Neil Patel? The campaign generated a lot of media buzz in the week it came out, as we can see in this Google Trends chart.

Neil Patel's idea was to get people to search for his name on Google and the first result on search engines was his blog: You may be thinking “But that is not going to generate qualified traffic!”, “that will only bring people who don't care about digital marketing”. Well, I am going to use the explanation that Patel himself used in his lecture at the RD Summit – the largest Digital Marketing event in Latin America. He questioned, “If you go to Google luxury car, who will come up first? Mercedes or BMW?...dramatic pause... "Whoever has the most searches!" Therefore, the idea would be similar to Digital Marketing. If the domain has many searches and receives a huge number of visitors, it will bring more opportunities to stand out in competitive keywords. Counterattack From this moment you will get very valuable lessons: You don't win a war just by defending yourself. A week or two after the campaign, Patel was in Brazil for the Fire – another big Digital Marketing event – ​​where he gave a talk. And he paid a visit to Rock and it was the day he took the photo challenging Piranha (our co-founder). That day Renato (Hank, as we call him) and I were talking, when I made a suggestion: “Why don't we create an article for Who is Neil Patel?